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Experience Human Flight without a Plane or Parachute!

Indoor Skydiving Prices

Single - 2 Minutes: $55

Double - 4 Minutes: $95

Fly High *Upgrade* $5
Add this to your Single or Double flight and enjoy an extra thrill.  During the final 30 seconds of your flight time the instructor will hold on to you and fly both of you high up into the air stream and show you a little of what it feels like to be an advanced flyer!

Additional Rates:
10 Minutes $195/ max 2 people
15 Minutes $270/ max 3 people
20 Minutes $360/ max 4 people
30 Minutes $475/ max 12 people
60 Minutes $900/ max 12 people

Welcome to SkyVenture New Hampshire!
WE ARE OPEN: Mon - Fri  2-10 | Sat & Sun  10 - 10
Extended Hours - Click for more Information

No Plane, No Parachute, No Problem!

SkyVenture New Hampshire is a new state of the art indoor vertical wind tunnel where YOU can experience the FREEDOM of FLIGHT! There is no falling sensation, you just float above the trampoline floor with ease.

The indoor vertical wind tunnel is not only used by the world’s best skydivers to train in but it was also designed for the general public to experience the sport of body flight.

SkyVenture completely immerses visitors in the world of high adventure skydiving, without ever having to pack a parachute, pull a ripcord, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

No experience is necessary.   Virtually anyone can fly ages 3 and up.

Reservations are recommended for Indoor Skydiving at SkyVenture New Hampshire. 
You can make a reservation by calling toll free 1-888-SKYVENTURE
or locally 603-897-0002.  We are open 7 days a week.


How does it work?First time flyers have a great time at Indoor Skydiving!
Some tunnels (in warm climates) simply suck the air in from ground level, push it through the flight chamber and diffuser and expel it at the top. SkyVenture New Hampshire is a recirculating airflow skydiving simulator.   This means the exhaust air is channeled and redirected to become the intake air. Because we have complete control of the air, we can maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the flight chamber regardless of the outside weather conditions.  With the help of a certified instructor, you will be flying after a brief 20 minute training class. Come as you are and we will provide all of the necessary gear to make your dream of flight come true.

4 Way Skydiving practice at SkyVenture New HampshireWho can fly?
SkyVenture is so SAFE that virtually anyone that is in reasonable health and fitness CAN FLY! Children three and up and many customers over 90 have flown in a SkyVenture wind tunnel. Please check the list below to make sure that you qualify.  We do require a waiver to be signed by a parent or legal guardian for anyone under the age of 18.

You can fly as long as you:

  • do not weigh more than 250 Pounds (18 Stone)
  • are at least 3 years of age and fit in our gear.
  • are not pregnant
  • have not suffered from a prior shoulder dislocation.
  • are not under the influence of alcohol or non- prescribed drugs.
  • are not wearing a hard cast
  • you must first sign a waiver to participate at SkyVenture New Hampshire. 

SkyVenture New Hampshire

Learn more about Indoor Skydiving at SkyVenture New Hampshire:

WE ARE OPEN: Mon - Fri 2-10 Sat -Sun 10-10

To protect the privacy of our participants NO UNAUTHORIZED PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO IS ALLOWED AT Surf’s Up.

SkyVenture Indoor Skydiving

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SkyVenture Indoor Skydiving